Rough 'n Refined

Enjoying Coffee and People

Rough n Refined: coffee, tea, and eatery in Lusk, Wyoming. We serve great espresso, loose leaf tea, and a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads. Come on in and enjoy. Operated by The Fine Grind, LLC.

November Specials

Oat Milk and Green Tea

  • Oatmeal Cookie Mocha

    Blend of Chocolates, Toasted Brown Sugar, and Espresso in Steamed Oat Milk

  • Oatmeal Cookie Hot Cocoa

    Blend of Chocolates and Toasted Brown Sugar in Steamed Oat Milk

  • Green Tea Sugar Cookie Latte

Toasted Green Tea, Cinnamon, and Sugar blended in Steamed Milk

 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Drinks

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Drinks

 Green Tea Sugar Cookie Latte (Hojicha)

Green Tea Sugar Cookie Latte (Hojicha)


Nachos and Chili

  • Cowboy Chili

    Beef and Bean Red Chili. Comes with flour tortilla(s).

  • Seasoned Queso Nachos

    Yellow Corn Chips with Toasted Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese layered with a Mildly Spicy Queso Sauce

  • Cowboy Chili Nachos

    Yellow Corn Chips with Toasted Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese smothered with a scoop of Beef and Bean Chili

 Seasoned Queso Nachos

Seasoned Queso Nachos

 Cowboy Chili

Cowboy Chili

 Cowboy Chili Nachos

Cowboy Chili Nachos

October Food and Drinks

We are trying a monthly rotating schedule of featured foods and drinks.

For October, we have been enjoying Pepper Jack Roast Beef Melts and Tomato Basil Soup with Toasted Parmesan French Bread.

Rough n Refined Pepper Jack Roast Beef Melt.jpg

Featured Drinks Flavors are a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Maple Spice Latte, both will be available throughout the fall months.

Our October Only drink is a Chocolate Chip Cookie and Caramel Frappe. This frappe is a base of caramel blended with an actual chocolate chip cookie for supreme tastiness.

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Frappe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Frappe

Summer Food

South West Style Bagel


Medium salsa mixed into bagel dough for a bagel with a hint of heat. Great for breakfast sandwiches with sausage.


Hard Scoop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Flecks of vanilla bean and delicious creaminess for a cold, refreshing treat. Have espresso shots pulled over the top of your ice cream for an Italian treat called Affogato.

Summery Drinks


Lemonade - Iced Tea - Cookies and Cream Frappe - Matcha Frappe - Arnold Palmer - Peach Earl Grey Frappe - Green Tea Frappe - Iced Cider - Peachy Peach Ginger Iced Tea - Elderflower Rose Oolong Iced Tea


Fruit It Up With: Lime - Blue Raspberry - Watermelon - Banana - Peach - Mango - Strawberry - Raspberry - Guava - Elderflower - Cherry - Blood Orange


Tasting Tuesday: Blue Raspberry Nilgiri Iced Tea

Tasting Tuesday: 06/05/18

Blue Raspberry Syrup + Nilgiri Blue Mountain (Black Tea)


- unmixed to mixed -


Summer Tastiness Arrives

Monday, 06/11, our summer drink and food menu will commence. Be prepared for a plethora of fruity syrups, tart lemonade, old favorites (cookies and cream frappe), a spicy bagel option, and a fresh ranch and dill pickle egg salad sandwich on a tasty onion and garlic bread.


Menu Changes

Starting 06/11, we will be making a few tweaks to our base menu and changing our prices. We wanted to give our customers a heads-up since we haven't made any price changes to our menu in 2 years and we didn't want to take anybody by surprise.

Tasting Tuesday: Hippy Flowers

Hippy Flower Tea Latte


Hints of spring come with the floral taste of lavender syrup mixed with earl grey tea (a blend of Chinese and Sri Lankan loose leaf black teas scented with bergamot oil.) This "Springy", slightly sweet tasting drink is mixed with steamed milk for that touch of warmth against spring showers.

Come try a sample this Tuesday, 05/15/18, from 9am to 2pm. 




Tasting Tuesdays and Election Special

"Tasting Tuesdays"

Rough 'n Refined is making every Tuesday a chance to try a drink or a food. From 9am to 2pm each Tuesday we will offer espresso, tea, or a snack to try. We are going to make "Tasting Tuesdays" a mix of current items, upcoming items, and mini educational snippets. We are always learning and trying new things behind the bar at the coffee shop and are making Tuesdays a chance for you to try with us. We find tasting sessions fun, a great way to laugh, and always interesting.

9am - 2pm, May 8th, 2018 Tasting Tuesday will be a chance for you to try our current frappe specials. We will be offering both frappe flavors through the rest of May.

Chocolate Red Velvet Frappe: Brightly red, blended, cold, thick like a milkshake, and mixed with crushed chunks of chocolate espresso beans for zippy, refreshing sips.

Malty Caramel Vanilla Frappe: Caramel and vanilla flavors, blended, cold, thick like a milkshake with malty undertones for that nostalgic malt shop taste.

Chocolate Red Velvet Frape


Red Velvet

Chocolate Espresso Beans

May 8th City Elections

Town of Lusk elections for Mayor and City Council positions Tuesday 05/08/18. Vote from 7am - 7pm at the Baptist Church across from the City Hall. If you are not registered to vote, you can register at the polls. Voting for city residents only.

Thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to vote, who put time and energy into running for an office, and to the ladies who run the ballot station all day.

If you exercise your constitutional right to vote, come in with your "I voted" sticker and receive 25% off One Drink. Your "I Voted" sticker can be used anytime from 05/08 to 05/12 One Time. 

Earl Grey Tea Leaves.jpg


Tea thrown in harbors shouldn't go to waste.



Fall is Here!

Fall Items


Sweeten a latte or steamer with pumpkin spice or maple spice syrup. For those that like cold drinks all year 'round we have a pumpkin chai frappe

Try our African grey or white peach tea sweetened slightly with vanilla in a tea latte. Since all our tea is loose leaf, it can be made as hot tea or iced tea as well.



We are now offering chili. We will alternate between pork green chili and a cowboy chili made with beef, beans, beer, and bison.

Get chili by the bowl or by the cup. Add a side of Fritos, farmhouse white cheddar chips, or a cornbread muffin with butter and honey.

Fall Drinks.jpg

Sugared Belgian waffles, protein pucks, and chewie fruities are some new snacks that we have for grab-n-go items.

We also have made an hours change. We are now open Monday - Friday 7am - 2pm and Saturday 8am - 2pm.

Fall Food and Drinks

Starting Friday 10/7/16 we will be serving our fall menu.

  • Apple Cranberry Salad - apple pieces, walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion, crumbly white cheese on a bed of lettuce. Comes with croutons and your choice of dressing.
  • Apple Chicken Salad Sandwich - chicken, red onion, apples, and dried cranberries mixed with yogurt. Served on a nutty wheat bread with lettuce and bacon. Comes with chips.
  • Buffalo Chicken Bowl - Chicken seasoned with spices to a medium heat, mixed with rice, and topped with crumbly, white cotija cheese for a fall warm up.
  • A Scone and Clotted Cream - Choose a raspberry white chocolate, apple cinnamon, or blueberry scone and smother it with clotted cream.

We have a mix each day of our fresh baked pastries: cinnamon rolls, raspberry cream cheese filled croissants, apple fritters, almond bear claws, and sometimes blueberry or chocolate filled croissants. 


  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte
  • Maple Spiced Latte
  • Rooibos Tea Latte - an earthy, herbal tea sweetened with vanilla and steeped in creamy, steamed milk.
  • Hot Apple Cider - try it with rooibos tea or with caramel sauce.